Winning The War For Our Youthstarting at $5

Let's look at some practical steps of how we can raise children who truly fear God.


ReFocusing A Generationstarting at $3

Who are the people that your child or children you know around?


The Anointed Tenthstarting at $3

Who says that the youth of today cannot set precedents and change such a negative culture that they live in?


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The Triumphal Entry

This is the beginning of the greatest week in human history. It's more than the Easter because Christ makes the move of becoming the ruler of our lives.

Accessing Power Through Prayer

It's not odd to desire power or more than you currently. What's odd is if your search for it from someone other than the true resource.

Running Behind God

God wants to use the "prodigal" person to reach the lost. However, it's a dangerous thing to look down on others who resemble what you once were.

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