You Can Start Over Againstarting at $3

Like any technical device that needs to reset due to glitches,this reset can seen in our walk with God. What if life came with a reset button, what a joy that would be.


Repenting of our Sins to Godstarting at $3

Faith & Repentance are key elements in having a fruitful relationship with God. However, repentance has been viewed negatively until today when we see the blessing of grace that comes with it.


Motives To Repentancestarting at $3

As human beings, we are incentive-inspired-individuals wired with the desire for rewards. With that innate characteristic, God has incentives for us when we repent.


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Fellowship With Believers

As Jesus approached His departure from earth, He commanded His disciples to love one another. It is with the same commandment that we showcase the true badge of discipleship today.

Praying In Faith

Praying in faith looks like placing one hand of abiding in God's word together with the other hand of His word abiding in you to ask for what you wish. And when you ask, you ask according to His will.

After The Word Became Flesh

Things had to change when the Word of God became flesh and dwelt among them. The same change that occurred then is the same change that must happen with us today.

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