Praying in Faithstarting at $3

Praying in faith looks like placing one hand of abiding in God's word together with the other hand of His word abiding in you to ask ask for what you wish. And when you ask, you ask according to His will.


Living in the Wordstarting at $3

Having a grasp on God's word takes more than hearing it. With that only hearing His word, we have a greater chance of losing a grip of what He has instructed us to do and to be.


Spending Time With The Masterstarting at $3

Many attend church services to feel that they have spent time with God. Yet, He requests that we abide in Him so we may abound as fruitful individuals.


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Knowing When To Keep Quiet

A conversation can be more productive when you take the time to listen before responding. It takes effort but it can be done.

Toward Faith In The Resurrection-Pt.2

Our faith in God can sway at times. Let's look at how the resurrection shows us that God is dependable.

Toward Faith In The Resurrection-Pt.1

Can you believe that some individuals see Easter as a holiday? This statement is true but let's look at how doubt can be changed to desire.

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