Requirements For Effective Ministrystarting at $3

A man comes across a job posting for ministry stating that the job posting required thick skin and a loving heart. Let's see what it means to hear that ministry is hard work and heart work.


Witnessing To The Worldstarting at $3

Before you were created, God chose to save you. Your salvation is not to be kept from those you know but to be shared so that they can have the same assurance as you.


Ministering To Othersstarting at $3

Ministry is not meaningful without a heart of love. Without an expression of love, ministry is not selfless.


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Vital Signs of an Effective Prayer Life

You can keep the vague/rushed prayer to yourself because is not listening. This can be changed with the principles of prayer shared in this message.

Vital Signs of an Effective Hearer of the Word of God-Pt. 2

He had been reading the words in the book for some months now and collected a great deal of information. But if only he had known that secrets to changing his life were therein, he would have read for understanding.

Vital Signs of an Effective Hearer of the Word of God

It was around 7:00 a.m. when he went outside and saw new elements, weeds, in his flower bed. From a distance they blended in well, but with closer observation he knew that he had to pull them out. The same is so with our lives in that we may look good on the outside but some things may need to be removed from out hearts.

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