Renew Your Mindstarting at $3

There are many pressures that work against our will to be like Christ. Yet, we the have power of God inside of us to do his will. Let's learn more about that today.


The Disciple's Personalitystarting at $3

Let's take a look at the personality of a follower of Christ.


There's A War In Mestarting at $3

At this very moment, there is a struggle between the spirit and flesh within you. Yet, you can withstand the constant fight by not yielding to your flesh.


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Thanksgiving In A Tough Place

It's typically easy to thank God when things are great, grand, and wonderful. But when life happens, there is the tendency in the heart of man to become overwhelmed with anxiety to the point that they become less thankful. Let's take a look at what thanksgiving looks like through the life of Jonah.

A Day of Thanksgiving

Something is wrong when thanksgiving is displayed during a holiday rather than everyday. The principles for making each day full of thanksgiving can be learned from this message.

Living in the Word

Having a grasp on God's word takes more than hearing it. With only hearing His word, we have a greater chance of losing a grip of what He has instructed us to do and to be.

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